Calderon backing Laporta for Barcelona job

Former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon has backed his friend and former Barcelona president Joan Laporta to become the next chief again at Nou Camp.

Barcelona are in an extremely precarious position and Laporta is the only man with former experience of handling how to manage the situation, when he did it with Barcelona itself last time.

“Joan Laporta’s victory in Barcelona’s elections would be great news for Barcelona fans, and not so good news for his rivals in Spain and Europe,” Calderon’s first tweet read.

“As he is my friend, and I know he is looking forward to his return, I wish him success.”

The ex-Real Madrid president then published a second tweet, explaining why the Barcelona presidential candidate is a good friend of his.

“A friend is the one who, in good times, is by your side only when you call him and, in bad times, always, even if you don’t call him,” Calderon’s second tweet read.

“That has been Joan Laporta’s behaviour towards me and, for that reason, football rivalries aside, I will always wish him well in life.”

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