Cardiff City try to finalise ambitious Gareth Bale move

Cardiff City are said to be ‘confident’ of sealing a blockbuster move to sign Gareth Bale 


After his contract with Real Madrid expires in the summer, the Welsh icon is on the search for a new club, with a move to the Bluebirds being touted as a possibility.

According to sources, there is optimism in Cardiff that the transaction will be completed.
They claim that Bale has been given a two-year deal with the option of a 12-month extension by the Championship club, and that they are ‘quite sure’ that they will be able to sign him.

Bale is understood to be weighing his options at the moment, but the notion of joining the Bluebirds appeals to him.

The former Southampton midfielder is preparing to represent his nation at the World Cup in Qatar, which kicks off in November, and his first aim is to find a club that can provide him with the minutes he needs before the big event.
This would be a fantastic signing for Cardiff, and it appears like it has a good chance of occurring.

Cardiff can’t do much more now that they’ve placed an offer on the table, and Bale will know they’ve done everything they can in terms of cash.

So, in the end, it will be up to the player, and a statement on his future is expected in the coming weeks.


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