Carlo Ancelotti gives his response to Xavi's comments

Xavi commented that history demands Barcelona to play well and Madrid does not.

The Catalan coach has informed the reporters that Barcelona are obligated to win games and also play well in the process.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti went a bit philosophical with his response.

Ancelotti said: “I’d like to answer that with a question – What exactly is playing well? Everyone has their own opinion on that. For me, playing well means doing well when you have the ball and when you don’t. You could be brilliant defensively, but that doesn’t mean you are playing well, because if you don’t do anything when you have the ball, you’re not doing what you need to do to win so you are not playing well. And vice versa, if you attack well and defend badly, you are not playing well.

“Football is about attacking and defending. A team plays well when they can attack well and defend well – whether that is with a low, medium or high press. That’s football in my view, and nobody’s going to change what I think.

“I’ll give you an example, against City, Atlético defended really well, after that you could argue whether they could have done more when they had the ball but their defending was excellent.”


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