Casillas - Sanchez fight made me who I am today

Real Madrid star Iker Casillas has talked about the Cesar Sanchez situation.

The Spanish World Cup winning captain was once a young player for Real and had to compete with a veteran Cesar Sanchez.

Although many saw and thought of the competition as something unhealthy and not good for a young lad, Casillas has talked about it as a great motivator for him to become the man and player he has today.

He recalled: “That competitiveness we had is all in the past now. But the best thing that could have happened to me was to have to compete with César.

“It made me mature very quickly, he was 10 years older than me. It wasn’t a healthy competition, but it was very good competition. It’s difficult for goalkeepers to get on well when you are both competing for a place in the side. I was a little afraid of César. He had enjoyed several good seasons at Valladolid.

“But as it turned out, Madrid won the Champions League and a young lad like me lifted the European Cup”.

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