Courtois blasts La Liga

Storm Filomena has caused havoc and wreck in Spain.

Flights cancelled, matches delayed and everything under the scanner besides the CoVID problems and Real Madrid still have had to play.

It left Thibaut Courtois angry and frustrated. The Real Madrid team had to travel in extreme conditions putting their life in jeopardy and moreover had to wait 4 hours in the runway making it even more difficult to play football in the right mindset.

“I want to thank the people of Osasuna for having the pitch like this,” Courtois told Movistar.

“But it is unfortunate what LaLiga have done to us. We know what the conditions were, and of course we were able to play, but taking off with the frozen runway and now we can’t go home. We are human and now a show.”

“We have done what was asked, as if we didn’t come [to Pamplona] they would have docked three points from us. But I don’t think it’s safe, we aren’t puppets that always have to play.

“We made the effort today, but we have to think about these trips and the logistics needed to return home.”

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