Gareth Bale to Cardiff City: update

Cardiff City had a poor season last year finishing the campaign sat 18th in the league

The Bluebirds will be eager to climb the standings higher next season, but they will need some upgrades to make that happen.

One man they have been connected to, though, may provide them a huge boost before the new season. Following the expiry of his Real Madrid contract this summer, Welsh international Gareth Bale has been associated with the team.

This appeared like a really ambitious move on the part of the Bluebirds at first, but it’s beginning to look like a transfer that may actually be completed this summer.

The 32-year-old recently said that he was open to offers that were being considered, including those in the Championship, even if his current attention is more on the World Cup than club football.

In the hope that he would be able to contribute to his team succeeding on the international arena, he told Wales Online that he wants to consider what would offer him the best opportunity of being healthy in November and December when the World Cup takes place.

Bale had visited Cardiff City’s practise facility and had his first meeting with manager Steve Morison.

This doesn’t imply that he will transfer to the Welsh capital for good, but it does indicate that the team is interested enough in him to invite him in for a meeting.

According to reports, a decision will be made in the next several days, so the situation may change shortly, but as it stands, it clearly appears like something that may realistically occur this summer.


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