Iker Casillas on his patchy relationship with Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid

Iker Casillas and Jose Mourinho fell out in their final year together.

The duo clashed in their final year together at Real Madrid and Casillas revealed his relationship with the Spanish press portrayed him as the “mole” by Jose Mourinho.

He accused me of being a friend of the press,” Casillas said in a recent Movistar + documentary.

“I know people in the press, how could I not know them? But, it’s another thing to filter information.

“People were talking about me, but I kept quiet, I didn’t respond and I accepted that I was being seen as the mole.”

“There was a players’ strike in August 2011,” Casillas added.

“As the captain, I spoke to my team-mates and we decided that we weren’t going to play which meant the opening games of the season wouldn’t go ahead.

“We said a couple of things that neither of us liked and took badly but it was left there. Then came the Super Cup.

“We gave a terrible impression. There were scraps, battles, giving your heart and soul… but the other things (poking Vilanova’s eye) – that was the kind of thing you might see at other clubs – tacky clubs, who need to resort to that sort of thing, and that is not for us.”


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