Joan Laporta hits out at Real Madrid in the Negreira case

On Monday, FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta held a protracted and eagerly anticipated press conference

The subject of discussion that evening was Barcelona’s role in the Negreira controversy, payments used to influence decisions, and the club’s justification for such actions.

However, a significant portion of his media appearances that day were focused on Real Madrid, the team’s stance against the Catalans, La Liga refereeing, and other subjects unrelated to the incident itself.

The Barcelona president poked fun at Real Madrid in his opening remarks on the club’s public backing for suing the Catalans before levelling a serious charge against the reigning Spanish champions. Laporta continued by referring to the Merengues as a “royalty team” and highlighting this with information on the make-up of refereeing panels.

The Catalan president continued to criticise Real Madrid throughout the news conference, referring to the team’s home team as being constantly “favoured.” Barcelona will reserve the right to seek restitution for the harm they have endured over the previous few months in the event that they are found not guilty and the allegations are later dismissed.

Laporta mentioned the same thing and might have alluded to Real Madrid among other organisations. Finally, he showed some mercy towards Los Blancos president Florentino Perez and explained that Perez’s decision to oppose the Catalan institution was the result of peer pressure. He didn’t hold back, though, and offered his opinion on how to manage the circumstance better.

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