Lucas Vazquez admits pressure on Real Madrid to defend Champions League title

Real Madrid look set to cruise on into the last 16 in the coming weeks.

Real Madrid defender Lucas Vazquez admits the pressure is back on the team to defend their Champions League title in 2023.

Carlo Ancelotti made a solid return to the club by winning LaLiga and Champions League in 2021/22.

Their trophy in Paris was the seventh Champions League title for Real Madrid and the 14th major European title.

Real Madrid defender Vazquez believes their previous record puts his team in a demanding position.

“A Champions League is not won by luck or chance. Each one is more difficult than the previous one and having achieved so many is a source of pride”, as per reports from Marca.

“The truth is, it doesn’t matter what they think outside. It doesn’t bother us what they say, it’s just another motivation for us.

“Last year we weren’t favourites and we won it. It doesn’t depend on us, we have to try to win it, and that’s what we do every year.”

Real Madrid look set to cruise on into the last 16 in the coming weeks as they face Shakhtar Donetsk in Warsaw tomorrow night. They have won three games out of three and one more win will seal their spot.


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