Luka Modric growing uncomfortable around his contract situation at Real Madrid

Luka Modric is reportedly losing patience with Real Madrid and is now becoming uneasy about his contract position after waiting for months to hear something

One of many Real Madrid players whose current contract expires at the conclusion of the current campaign is 37-year-old Modric. The veteran midfielder has begun to fret because there have been no moves from Madrid’s front as of the time of writing.

The player has repeatedly stated that he wishes to stay with Los Blancos for at least another year, and as a result, he has been giving excellent performances. He has been left waiting for months by the team, which has placed him in a very uncomfortable position, despite his constant availability at the age of 37.

The midfielder’s worries are related to Real Madrid’s previous experiences with contract extensions. He believes that if the management continues to handle contract extensions in this manner—which it has never done—he will be compelled to sign a free agent contract at the end of the current campaign.

From the team’s perspective, they are presently analysing every possibility while taking into account his age and position within the organisation before they can make an offer.

It’s been reported that Modric chose to continue playing for Croatia after the FIFA World Cup in 2022, which upset Real Madrid. In reality, the 37-year-old wants to play at the UEFA Euro 2024 and isn’t in the mood to retire. It will be fascinating to see how the team approaches the extension if that is the case.

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