Luka Modric pays tribute to Carlo Ancelotti ahead of Champions League semifinal

Luka Modric also talked about Casemiro who is expected to start against City.

Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric has paid tribute to coach Carlo Ancelotti ahead of their Champions League tie against Manchester City.

The midfielder was asked about Carlo Ancelotti and he said, “To choose just one is difficult, but I would say the way he conducts himself. He has come back in a very natural way; he has put a lot of faith in the team and that has meant a lot to us.

“For me he is one of the greatest coaches in the history of the sport and we were all happy when he came back. We had a great time with him in his first period and we won big trophies. Now we want to win big things with him again.”

Luka Modric also talked about Casemiro who is expected to start against City on Wednesday after missing out the first leg.

He said: “Without a doubt his return means a lot to us, he is a very important part of our game.

“I’m sure he’s going to help us tomorrow to correct the mistakes we made; he’s always there to help. That’s why we’re very happy to see him back.”

Modric was asked whether Real Madrid need luck to get to the Champions League final and Luka Modric added: “We don’t say anything to people who think like that, let them carry on like that. To be here and win I don’t know how many Champions League trophies, you can’t just rely on luck. It’s a bit unfair.

“It makes us laugh a bit, although everyone can say what they want. We are focused on what we do and we don’t care what people say from outside.

“To reach these heights year after year, beating big rivals and winning trophies, you have to have more than luck: character, personality, faith… This is what makes us win.”

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