Ramos Won't Be Taken Off Penalty Duties For Spain

Sergio Ramos doesn’t want to shun penalty duties for Spain after missing two of them against Switzerland.

Even though mistakes were made, he is more than ready to take on penalty duties for international matches.

“If there was another penalty of course that I would take, of course,” he told Spain’s media channels. “If I didn’t approach it that way, I would stop being me.”

Ramos marked his 177th international appearance, crossing the numbers of Italian player Gianluigi Buffon.

“It is a pride to surpass a legend like Buffon in caps. In the end, when you start you don’t think you can get that high,” he said.

“I have spent many hours running around here through the streets of Seville and there is a lot of effort behind it, perseverance and perseverance.

“In the end it is that. As long as I feel like it, I will continue. My head is in charge, and for now, it allows me.”

Spain manager Luis Enrique also is confident about Ramos.

“Everything that is generated around Ramos is neither new, nor old, nor is it anything,” the Spain boss told the media.


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