Raphael Varane Thrives Off Of Pressure - 'You Run Faster When You're Scared'

Raphael Varane is ready to face Liverpool next.

Zinedine Zidane might throw the Frenchman back in his starting line up for the Champions League quarter-final first leg on Tuesday.

Varane could be on course to win his fifth Champions League trophy at just 28. He has been Real’s leading defender right next to Sergio Ramos for the past decade now.

“For me, pressure is a friend. It’s a driving force,” he told UEFA. “I think pressure makes you better. It gives you adrenaline and helps you think faster, stay more focused and play the game more intensely.

“I’d say that terrifying pressure should motivate you, since you run faster when you’re scared”.

“I don’t think my style of play makes you immediately think that I’m a warrior. However, I recognise that I have a warrior mentality. I quite like challenges. The more difficult the challenge, the more I enjoy it. The less you believe in me, the more motivated I am.

“That’s my way of being and thinking, and that’s what helped me reach the highest level and stay there for many years.”

Real Madrid will face the Reds for the first time since their 2018 Champions League final triumph in Turkey.

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