Real Madrid star Benzema talked about his future with Perez

Benzema sought clarification from Florentino Perez over his future at Real Madrid

This week, Karim Benzema said the French national team farewell for the last time while leaving a cryptic note. When Benzema called Perez upon his arrival in Madrid, Spain, he was one of the first to learn of the impending retirement.

Even more painful than his departure from Les Bleus will be Benzema’s departure from Real Madrid, the player told his president. According to rumours, Didier Deschamps and he had a falling out, which led to his retirement.

He continued by saying that he planned to finish his career at Santiago Bernabeu. He’s currently 35 and under contract until 2024, when he’ll be 37. His already ardent admirer Perez was won over even more by these words. Perez assured Benzema of his support despite his rule of only giving veterans one-year contracts.

Benzema’s ability to keep up his level and fitness will be the important factor. He hasn’t been at 100% much this season, which has had an impact on Los Blancos not having their main striker.

Perez’s faith has sustained Benzema through numerous sets of uncertainties at the Bernabeu, and those questions have yielded incredible results.

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