Real Madrid start was tough because of Navas - Courtois

Thibaut Courtois has been a tremendous asset for Real Madrid in the last two seasons.

Barring a mini dry patch, Courtois has been excellent for the Spanish giants.

He has always been dangerously good ever since his early days at Atletico Madrid. He only grew at Chelsea from where Madrid seemed to be his natural next step.

However, at Madrid, he faced the toughest challenge of displacing an in prime goalkeeper in Keylor Navas.

“I knew him a bit before, from a holiday in Ibiza. He’s good friends with Navas, so it wasn’t easy for him at first,” Courtois said in an interview with Sporza.

“But he welcomed me well, we never had problems.”

He also talked about Zizou.

“[Zidane] likes to rotate but that has nothing to do with my relationship with him. It might have been a little distant at first, but that was also because I didn’t have a history with him like the others did,” Courtois explained.

“He himself realised that and in the summer of 2019, we had a good conversation. Since then, our relationship has grown and now it is very good.

“He is a calm person, a good motivator, but also straightforward. He says things like they are.”

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