Real Madrid tracking Julian Nagelsmann situation after he got sacked by Bayern

As Real Madrid enters the final stretch of the season, they have the additional weight of analysing the contractual status of players like Karim Benzema, Luka Modric, and Toni Kroos, among others

Thankfully, Jesus Vallejo’s situation does not present a threat, but it should be noted that the 26-year-old is soon to mark 10 years with the club.

Vallejo was acquired by Madrid for €6 million in 2015 from Zaragoza. After agreeing to a six-year contract that runs through 2021, the young defender was promptly sent on loan to Zaragoza for the current season. The following year, he joined Eintracht Frankfurt in Germany.

Vallejo has made just 17 league appearances in his eight years with Real Madrid, but he is ready to stay through the end of his contract, which expires in 2025, even though he is aware that nothing will change soon. The defender Rodra feels that, at the age of 26, he is already a member of the greatest team in the world and that now is simply not the time for him to pursue other opportunities.

Vallejo hasn’t played much on the field, but he’s in the best condition of his career and hasn’t been unavailable for selection since he was diagnosed with COVID-19. The 26-year-old has played 67 minutes this season across all categories, and his confidence is still high enough that he hasn’t given up.

Vallejo has taken out loans four times since relocating to Madrid. Madrid made the decision to extend his deal for an additional four seasons in 2019 before joining Wolverhampton Wanderers. It was prolonged until 2025 in 2021. Vallejo is thought of as a true professional, but he has been compelled to accept a lower position by circumstance. And it doesn’t seem like it will alter anytime soon, either.

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