Saul Niguez details why Eden Hazard flopped at Real Madrid

Eden Hazard has scored only six goals since his arrival at Bernabeu in 2019.

The Belgian forward won two Premier League titles, two FA Cup and one Europa League in his seven-year spell with Chelsea.

But the winger failed to hit the ground running at Real Madrid and has struggled for form and fitness in the past three seasons.

Chelsea midfielder Saul Niguez explains the difference between La Liga and Premier League and why Eden Hazard has failed at Santiago Bernabeu.

Niguez told Chelsea’s official website: ‘They are totally different. Over there, it’s much more tactical, whereas here it’s more physical and a bit crazier.

‘There’s more back and forth, it’s less about having control of the game and more about entertaining the fans. You can do things here that you really can’t do in La Liga.

‘For example, I was talking to my friends the other day about Eden Hazard.

‘When he was here, he was easily one of the best players in the world and then he goes to La Liga and has his own difficulties because it’s a totally different game.

‘Here he had more one-vs-ones and two-vs-ones but in La Liga, because everyone knows how good his team is and how good he is, other teams make it much more difficult for him.’


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