Sergio Ramos wants to extend his stay at Real Madrid

Sergio Ramos willing to extend his contract with Real Madrid.

The Spanish defender has been left out of the Euros this season and has less than a month on his contract with Real Madrid.

The 35-year old is willing to stay at Bernabeu with a 10% pay cut.

Ramos earns £312,000-per-week that makes him a top-earner at the club.

The Spanish club are reportedly planning a future without him even though Zinedine Zidane earlier this season expected the 35-year old to stay.

The club is already organizing a farewell as they expected both parties to move on this summer.

He said: “He is looking well, because he is convinced that he will continue and that is the most important thing.

“I see him playing football for many years because he is someone who takes great care of himself. If you want to continue and take care of yourself, you have a great chance of continuing for a long time and I’m not surprised by what he does.”


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