Toni Kroos wants to retire at Real Madrid

Toni Kroos has expressed his desire to retire at Real Madrid.

“It’s something special. When you look at the Germans who have played here you realise that they are big names: [Gunter] Netzer, [Bernd] Schuster or Stielike.

“Overtaking Stielike, who is a club legend, makes me really happy. It’s a special record and I’m delighted to get to this point.

“As I’ve always said, my idea is to retire here and that’s what I’m going to try to do.”

“I try to give my best in every game and every pass I make that doesn’t reach my team-mate annoys me,” Kroos added.

“I try to strive for perfection in this sense, although you can never be perfect.

“I practice it and I’ve been working on it continuously for many years.”

Kroos also opened up on the difficulties regarding racism back in 2018.

After the 2018 World Cup I said that I didn’t like the way in which Mesut Ozil [handled himself as he retired from international football], and then [because of that] I was a Nazi for quite a lot of people,” Kroos said during a chat on Instagram Live with Germany President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on the subject of combating cyber-bullying.

“Blonde hair, blue eyes, it all fit for a lot of people. I managed to get over it. Anyone can hide behind a fake profile and then insult other people with almost no problem.”

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