Vini Jr reflects on his Champions League winning goal against Liverpool

Vinicius Junior shares his feelings of the Champions League final goal in Paris.

The Brazilian attacker had an impressive season with Real Madrid last year registering 22 goals and 20 assists in all competitions.

He scored the Champions League winning goal against Liverpool in May and was crowned champions after Real’s successful season.

The 22-year-old forward who signed a contract extension last week reflects on that night in Paris.

“After a wonderful season, it was only fair to crown us with a victory in the final,” he told “I’ve been playing football for more than 15 years and you never know when you’re going to play a final, so I wanted to enjoy it to the fullest. (Scoring against Liverpool) was an unrepeatable feeling.

“Only those who have scored in this type of game in the Champions League can understand this feeling. It’s indescribable. You don’t know how to express it, how to explain it, there’s no way. Only those who have lived football and gone through the emotions that we have experienced this season know how important it is and how happy it makes you.”


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