Zidane talks about new winning formula

Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane has talked about what has changed for the club.

He said, “3 more points are up for grabs tomorrow. I think that we didn’t win anything against Atlético de Madrid the other day. We only got 3 points and tomorrow it’s 3 more points. They’re important for what we want to do. The team is in good shape, in good spirits and we want to carry on like this without worrying about anything else”.

 “We work hard every day. Every day is important for us to improve. Nothing has changed and we want to continue doing what we’ve been doing lately. To demonstrate how much of a team we are”.

“Forgive me for repeating myself, we’re not going to change anything. We know how difficult this season is, we know that every season is difficult because we have to win and be the best, that will never change.

In our head we want to do that too, but during the season and in the games we come up against other sides and it’s difficult to cause them problems during the whole game. But we work every day because we’re good and we have to show consistency to show that we’re good and it’s what we want to do”.

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