Real Madrid prepared to sell Marco Asensio this summer

Marco Asensio’s career is at a crossroads

The 26-year-old is ostensibly in his prime and appears to have grabbed the starting spot on Real Madrid’s right wing. Over the previous several weeks, the Mallorcan’s strong left foot has delivered crucial points for Los Blancos.

The player has clearly assumed greater responsibility in the attack and has grown intellectually. Where he formerly hid and fled away from responsibility, he now seeks to bear it. With his contract ending in 2023, Asensio must decide whether he wants to stay in Madrid or go on to a new challenge this summer.

According to sports, Asensio’s future remains uncertain. He is out of contract in 2023, and Real Madrid is debating whether to extend his contract or wait for bids to sell him.

Asensio’s stock is the highest of the possibly available players. He could be able to bring in some cash for Madrid. He is in his eighth season with the club and has been in and out of the lineup more recently, although his consistency is questionable.

Some of Europe’s biggest teams are interested in signing him. Arsenal and Liverpool are the leading bidders in the Premier League; Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are interested in Germany; Juventus and Milan are watching the situation in Serie A; and Paris Saint-Germain might join the equation if they lose Mbappe.

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