Vinicius Jr will not be suspended for Valencia red card

Superdeporte’s provocative cover and Valencia’s response to Vinicius Junior’s testimony on racism at Mestalla

The Valencia-based newspaperย Superdeporte did not mince words in their response to Vinicius Junior’s recent statement about racial abuse at Mestalla. Following the incident in May in which the Brazilian was allegedly subjected to racial comments and gestures, Valencia quickly tracked down three persons who are currently on trial for their acts.

During the trial, Vinicius verified Carlo Ancelotti’s initial claims, claiming that the whole Mestalla crowd had racially assaulted him. This comment ran counter to the particular identification of three people involved in the incident. Valencia Football Club immediately expressed their dissatisfaction with Vinicius’ testimony, pushing him to retract his statements and bringing out the necessity of honesty in dealing with racism.

On the following day, Superdeporte published a shocking front-page cover that compared Vinicius Junior to Pinocchio and featured a mocking picture of a huge nose. The title, ‘Pinochius,’ coupled by the text, ‘The Madridista recognises that he provoked the fans but lies to the judge in calling out all of Mestalla for racist insults,’ย strongly disagreed with Vinicius’ evidence and approach.

While it is apparent that not all of Mestalla’s capacity was involved in the racial abuse aimed at Vinicius, identifying the actual number of offenders remains difficult. The hostile tone used against Vinicius, the victim of the racial abuse incident, is unambiguous. Regardless of any mistakes made in addressing the case, Vinicius was subjected to a terrible happening, and one’s focus should stay on criticizing racism as an overarching issue rather than shifting blame to the victim. In particular, this contrasts with the strong support of Mestalla as a whole versus its denouement of racism, reminiscent of a similar stance took two years ago when Valencia midfielder Mouctar Diakhaby alleged racial abuse.

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