David Alaba could be headed to the Bernabeu!

Bayern Munich president Rummenigge has talked about the situation regarding David Alaba, giving Madrid major hope of signing the player.

“It is 99.99 percent certain that Alaba will leave the club [Bayern] at the end of the season,” Rummenigge told Sky Sport Deutschland.

“From January 2 David is able to sign with any club he wants. I don’t know if he will come to an agreement with Real Madrid, but they are a great club and I can understand why that’s interesting for him.

“[Real Madrid president] Florentino Perez hasn’t contacted us, nor does he have to. It doesn’t matter that they are going through a tough period, and haven’t been as successful as in other years, they are still a great club and you have to understand the player.

“We will part in a friendly way and I hope he can say goodbye to us with many titles. Right now, he is fully committed to us. He is an absolutely serious and nice guy that we all like. He deserves to be treated well until the last day at Bayern.”

“We put a lot of money on the table,” Rummenigge added. “An amount that, in the end, wasn’t enough to convince him. We have accept that.

“We are talking about a player who has been of great value to us for more than 12 years, so there isn’t any problem.

“In the summer we will part ways amicably. I shed a few years when I said goodbye to Thiago [Alcantara’ last summer, and I’m not ruling out the same thing happening if I run into David on the day he leaves.”

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