Arda Guler set to return to Spain after suffering an injury in the USA tour

Luca Modric commends Arda Guler’s determination and talent amidst injuries

Real Madrid legend Luka Modric has expressed his respect for Arda Guler, praising the youngster’s motivate to learn and progress. Despite ongoing physical setbacks this season, Modric maintained optimism for Guler’s quick return to duty.

The 18-year-old Turkish midfielder joined Real Madrid from Fenerbahce in July for an annual fee of €20 million, which exceeded his original release clause of €17.5 million. However, Guler’s debut for the famous club has been postponed due to a string of injuries that have hampered him throughout his first few months at the club.

Guler suffered his first injury on Real Madrid’s preseason tour of the United States, resulting in a meniscus tear that required regular knee surgery. Expecting his return, fate threw him another curve ball when an unrelated injury injured his left rectus femoris muscle, further delaying his debut.

Modric addressed Guler’s condition, recognizing the young player’s determination to restore fitness but underlining the significance of a cautious approach to recuperation. The seasoned midfielder voiced faith in Guler’s abilities and expressed eagerness to see his contributions after he overcomes his physical problems.

“I love him, he’s a great kid. He has this eagerness to learn, to get better, to listen. He’s a great talent,” said Modric as reported by SPORT.

“Unfortunately, he got injured when he came to Madrid, then he recovered and maybe he wanted to force things to come back earlier because he wanted to show his talent to Madrid and got injured again.

“The other day I told him he needs to take things calmly, to go little by little, and that he’s young so he has time to show his quality and his talent to Madrid fans.

“I wish him all the best. Hopefully now when he comes back he will start showing his quality but the most important thing about him is he’s a great, great kid,” he added.

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