Real Madrid Fans Will Realise How Idiotic They Have Been With Bale - Agent

Gareth Bale still loves Real Madrid and does not have any problems with the club, claimed his agent.

The Welshman’s agent, Jonathan Barnett has been public about where his client might end up.

Since moving back to Tottenham Hotspur on a loan, everything has not gone according to plan. Bale is still a rotational option for Jose Mourinho, failing to put the performances fans thought he was still capable of.

Bale’s relationship with Zinedine Zidane fell out a long time ago. He was close to departing for China ahead of the 2019/20 season but the move was halted in the final moments. After last season, neither of them was reported to be on speaking terms.

“He still loves Madrid,” Barnett told the press. “He hasn’t got any problems with the club; it wouldn’t be a problem for him to return. They just need to decide if they want him back, I guess you’ll have to ask Mr. Zidane if he wants him, but I don’t think so.”

“He doesn’t have to do anything, he does his talking on the pitch,” Bale’s agent added. “He is a footballer, that is his responsibility, it’s not his job to be friends with the fans.

“He did everything correctly on the pitch and was incredibly good for the club, he never said anything and he won a lot of trophies, several of the great Real Madrid goals are from Gareth, so I think when people look back they will realise how idiotic they were with him.”

When asked if the relationship between Bale and Mourinho is strained as well, Barnett replied, “They have a good relationship, there is no problem. It’s journalists who create the problem, but there is no problem.

“We expected him to play more, things haven’t gone that well, but the team haven’t done that well either.”

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