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Real Madrid games with the most red cards

Real Madrid games with the most red cards in La Liga history

Real Madrid games with the most red cards in the La Liga? Which Real Madrid games have had the most red cards? Here we look at the most aggressive Real Madrid games of all time. Which Real Madrid games saw the most players get sent off? Watch & Bet Sports Here =>

Real Madrid games with the most red cards in one game

Real Madrid games with the most red cards

Real Madrid Most red cards in a game (Overall)

Red VS Club Date Sections (UCL/LAL) 
2 AFC Ajax 23-11-2010 Group Stage
2 Villarreal 21-03-2012 La Liga
2 Osasuna 31-05-2009 La Liga
1 Juventus 09-03-2005 Round of 16
1 AS Roma 05-03-2008 Round of 16
1 Dinamo Zagreb 14-09-2011 Group Stage
1 AFC Ajax 05-03-2019 Round of 16
1 Rosenborg BK 22-03-2000 Second Group Stage
1 Barcelona 27-04-2011 Semi-finals
1 Galatasaray SK 27-11-2013 Group Stage
1 Bayern Munich 07-03-2007 Round of 16
1 Galatasaray SK 09-04-2013 Quarter-finals
1 Olympiakos 28-09-2005 Group Stage
1 Juventus 20-03-1996 Quarter-finals
1 Manchester City 21-11-2012 Group Stage
1 Manchester City 26-02-2020 Round of 16

Real Madrid games with the most red cards in La Liga and Champions League history

1. AFC Ajax Vs Real Madrid: 2 Red Cards, 23 November 2010

First on our list of the Real Madrid games with the most red cards was against AFC Ajax. Ajax hosted Real Madrid on 23 November 2010 in what was a close game. The match took a turn for the worse for Real Madrid as they had two players sent off.

Despite two red cards, Real Madrid managed to win 4-0 in the group stage game of the Champions League. Nine-man Real Madrid did their best to stay in the contest.

Players booked: Red Card
Xabi Alonso (87 Min), Sergio Ramos (90 Min)

2. Villarreal Vs Real Madrid: 2 Red Cards, 21 March 2012

Real Madrid games with the most red cards
Real Madrid went to Estadio El Madrigal hoping for a win on 21 March 2012. But two Real Madrid players were sent off which harmed any chance of a win. After a goalless first half, Real Madrid took a lead in the 62nd minute but Villarreal equalised in the 83rd minute.

When Real Madrid were looking for a winner, Ramos was handed the second yellow card along with Ozil’s red card in the 85th minute. Somehow, Madrid managed to avoid any goal from Villarreal. In this game, a total of 12 yellow cards was handed.

Players booked: Red Card
Ozil (85 Min), Sergio Ramos (85 Min)

3. Osasuna vs Real Madrid: 2 Red Cards, 31 May 2009

Real Madrid were hosted by Osasuna in a La Liga fixture on 31 May 2009. After a 1-1 score in the first half, Salgado was handed a straight red in the 56th minute which helped Osasuna to score a winner in the 60th minute.

In the final minute of the game, Huntelaar was booked for the second yellow.

Real Madrid lost this fixture as they were playing with 10 players in the majority of the game and later, they become a nine-men team.

Players booked: Red Card
Salgado (56 Min), Huntelaar (90 Min)

4. Juventus Vs Real Madrid: 1 Red Card, 09 March 2005

most red cards in game for Real Madrid

The round-of-16 game for Real Madrid saw them playing Serie A giants Juventus. The match went more wrong for Real Madrid. Juventus were leading in the game with a 75th-minute goal. When the match went into extra time, Ronaldo become violent with Tacchinardi and the referee showed the red card to both players.

This was one of the rare cards of Ronaldo in the Champions League. Juventus made advantage of 10-men Real Madrid and scored another goal just three minutes later. Los Blancos suffered a 2-0 away defeat in the game. Despite a 2-1 win at home, Real Madrid saw an exit from the competition.

Players booked: Red

Cristiano Ronaldo (113 min)

5. AS Roma Vs Real Madrid: 1 Red Card, 05 March, 2008

It was another round-of-16 tie in the Champions League and a home game. AS Roma were hosted by Real Madrid on the 5th March 2008. The match will go down in history as one of the most fierce and rough games of the Champions League.

11 players were booked for yellow cards and Real Madrid’s Pepe handed over the second yellow. After the 71st minute, Real Madrid were a 10-men side. Roma took advantage to score the first goal of the game.

However, Real Madrid equalised two minutes later. Vucinic scored the late winner for Roma to seal the game 2-1.

Players booked: Red

Pepe (71 min)

6. Dinamo Zagreb Vs Real Madrid: 1 Red Cards, 14 September 2011

Dinamo Zagreb hosted Real Madrid on 14 September 2011 in a fierce match. However, Real Madrid managed to secure a 1-0 win with one Real Madrid player sent off.

Angel di Maria scored in the 53rd minute to put Real Madrid ahead in the game. Within three minutes, Marcelo was booked for two yellow cards and Real Madrid went into deep trouble as they were a 10-men side for the next 17 minutes.

Players booked: Red

Marcelo (73 min)

Real Madrid 2021/22

Real Madrid have been a whole different team this season under Carlo Ancelotti in terms of discipline. They are one of the better teams in terms of cards picked up. Indeed not a single player has had to sit out through suspension this season. They remain a team that have earned 0 red cards this season so far. Watch & Bet Sports Here =>
most red cards in game for Real Madrid

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