Toni Kroos Laments Ineffective Strategy Against England

Toni Kroos regrets not being effective enough in defeat against England.

Germany exited the 2020 European Championships after losing 2-0 to The Three Lions.

“It was a very even game until the goal against us,” Kroos told MagentaTV. “Both teams neutralised each other. Maybe we lacked effectiveness. We progressed from a difficult group but this is very disappointing right now.”

Kroos is among the many leaders of the Real Madrid dressing room. Thibaut Courtois revealed just how the energy is like amongst the players.

First up, Courtois was asked who the worst losers were at the club. “[Luka] Modric, Nacho and [Dani] Carvajal,” he replied. When we play games we take a picture of the winners and call them vinegars because they get a little angry; they’re the three who least like to lose.”

The Belgian was also asked who the most technically skilled in the squad. “Marcelo is very good technically,” he said. “[Toni] Kroos, Modric, Eden [Hazard].”

Finally, Courtois was asked who spend the most time on their mobile phones. “I’m one, I admit it,” he said. “Modric also uses it a lot. If you go to the dressing room after a game or after training you’ll see 20 players like that.”

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