Real Madrid release a statement against €2.7bn La Liga investment deal

Real Madrid were unaware of the €2.7bn deal between La Liga and CVC fund.

Real Madrid will examine the deal at the La Liga office that went through with private equity firm CVC.

CVC will inject 2.7 billion euros in the league in exchange for a 10% stake and 10% revenue in most of its business.

Real Madrid along with Barcelona will reject this new deal and not vote for it.

Real Madrid said: “This agreement was made without the participation of Real Madrid and without their knowledge and LaLiga has allowed for the first time today that we have limited access to the terms of the agreement.

“The clubs have assigned the audiovisual rights exclusively for their commercialization in competition and for a period of 3 years. This agreement, using a deceptive structure, expropriates from the clubs 10.95% of their audiovisual rights for 50 years and against the law.

“The negotiation has been done without a competitive process and the economic conditions agreed with the CVC fund give it returns of more than 20% per year. It is this same opportunistic fund that unsuccessfully tried similar deals with the Italian and German leagues.

“Real Madrid cannot support an operation that gives investors the future of 42 First and Second Division clubs and the future of the clubs that will qualify during these 50 years.

“Real Madrid will convene the assembly of compromise partners to discuss the agreement and the significant unprecedented losses in our 119-year history that such agreement would cause.”


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