Real Madrid set to make a late move for PSG's Kylian Mbappe this window

There is still a little more than a week left in the summer transfer window, and Kylian Mbappé’s contract status is unaltered

He returned to the PSG squad after a few weeks of absence, and he made a victorious comeback last weekend by scoring against Toulouse.

Although there has been some movement in the negotiations between the club and the team’s best player, Mbappé’s contract is still slated to expire in 2024. Mbappé will be free to bargain with teams interested in his services beginning on January 1, 2024, as things stand. Real Madrid is one of the well-known teams expressing interest in the young player.

Even though Real Madrid has had a successful start to the season with two victories in La Liga, the team’s lack of striking depth has pundits and supporters worried. The only acknowledged number nine on the team is Joselu. Although Carlo Ancelotti has employed the Vincius-Rodrygo pair alongside Jude Bellingham with encouraging results thus far, this new offensive formation does not guarantee long-term success, particularly in light of impending important European matches.

Can Real Madrid afford to take a chance on using the two young Brazilians as their main strikers instead of Joselu, who has no prior experience playing on a European level? Many people view this as a gamble. Due to this uncertainty, options should be available until the transfer window closes. According to FM, Real Madrid might make an offer after this weekend’s PSG game against Lens if Mbappé’s contractual position doesn’t alter.

Financial repercussions would result from a last-minute marquee deal for PSG. Finally, Real Madrid would have a significant offensive talent who could average about 30 goals per season. It would be Mbappé’s dream come true, and PSG would get a sizable transfer fee. But it’s crucial to recognise that there would only be enough time for brief, heated conversations.

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