Real Madrid midfielder Tony Kroos has backed Zinedine Zidane.

He has stated that with Zidane, the club will ‘come out of their bad runs’.

He told Marca: “[Everyone] knows that, if you don’t get results and you don’t meet expectations at Real Madrid, there are questions. That’s why we’re at this club. It’s normal. With Zidane, we’ve already had times like this and we normally come out of bad runs.

“A few weeks ago, after losing against Cadiz and Shakhtar, we went to Barcelona and had an amazing game. We got through that and the boss is the first person to know what happens at this club if you don’t get results. In the end, what we have to do is improve and try to win games. The boss will find the solution.”

Kroos also praised the culture at Real Madrid.

Kroos said, “When I arrived, the whole club – not just my teammates and coach – and the fans transmitted towards me a feeling of happiness because of the fact that I was with them. That’s not normal.

“In Germany, you have to play well first before they’re happy with you, but at Real Madrid, I had the feeling that they were already happy with me there, whether I play well or not. That made me feel good and gave me confidence to play well from the start.”

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