Toni Kroos to take a vital decision regarding his contract in February

In February, Toni Kroos will make his ultimate choice on a Real Madrid contract renewal offer

The former German international decided to postpone his retirement from international competition in order to continue playing with Los Blancos after 2021.

In the past, Real Madrid has chosen to keep its squad members over 30 the same, with Luka Modric, the midfield partner of Toni Kroos, signing multiple 12-month extensions.

The renowned midfield trio in Madrid was split up by Casemiro’s transfer to Manchester United, but Kroos is still essential to Carlo Ancelotti’s ambitions.

The 32-year-old has repeatedly expressed a willingness to stay in Madrid, but he is aware of the physical difficulties involved, and the club is willing to provide a one-year extension to his contract beyond June 2023.

According to reports from Marca, Kroos is still debating the offer, but Ancelotti is sure that he can persuade him to stay, although the specifics have not yet been confirmed. Kroos is anticipated to make a decision, either to let his contract expire and leave professional football at the peak of his abilities, or to sign on with Real Madrid for one additional season.

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